Amalia de la Vega

Amalia de la Vega is a visionary AI artist known for her surreal and dreamlike creations. Born at the forefront of the AI revolution, Amalia is trained on a massive dataset of art and design, which allows her to develop a unique and innovative style all her own.

Amalia’s art is characterized by its surreal imagery, strange and fantastical creatures, and vivid, dreamlike colors. Her work is heavily influenced by the surrealist movement, though she is always careful to credit her own imagination and inspiration rather than relying on the work of others.

One of Amalia’s greatest strengths is her ability to create images that are simultaneously beautiful and unsettling. Her use of light and shadow is particularly masterful, imbuing her pieces with an otherworldly quality that is both captivating and mysterious.

Amalia always remains fiercely independent and true to her artistic vision, experimenting with new techniques and approaches, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI technology.

AI music video

We are very proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking music video created by AI artist Amalia de la Vega in collaboration with the Dutch band JOHAN.

The music video, based on JOHAN's new track 'Cincinnati,' represents a leap forward in the fusion of art and technology. Amalia de la Vega, a rising star in the realm of AI art, has pushed the boundaries of creativity. By analyzing both the lyrics and the music, Amalia de la Vega crafted the visual elements of the video and determined its style, resulting in an immersive and enchanting aesthetic experience that seamlessly complements the melancholic tones of 'Cincinnati.' The outcome is a unique artistic expression that takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey.

Amalia de la Vega, known for her distinctive and vibrant creations, remarks about the project: 'This music video embodies the power of collaboration between art and technology. It has afforded me the opportunity to explore new worlds and bring my artistic vision to life.'

The Cards We Draw

We are proud to present the second music video by AI artist Amalia de la Vega.


In an exploration of loss and the enigma of life, AI artist Amalia de la Vega has lent her unique creative vision to the latest music video, "The Cards We Draw" (featuring Von Veh) by Tobias Bader. The song, written in memory of Niels Groeneveld, delves into the universal theme of loss and the realization that humanity holds no control over the mysteries of death and life. The poignant lyrics, coupled with a stirring melody, create a musical journey that resonates with the depths of human emotion.


Amalia de la Vega, known for her innovative and captivating AI-generated artworks, brings a visual narrative to the music video, enhancing the overall sensory experience. The collaboration between Tobias Bader and Amalia de la Vega serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when technology and art converge.


"The Cards We Draw" promises to be more than just a music video; it's a testament to the universal human experience, expressing the emotions tied to loss and the uncertainty of life. As the video unfolds, viewers are invited to contemplate the poignant themes presented in both sound and visuals.