Irisa Nova

Amalia de la Vega

Serenity Rayne

David Vijsma

Arno Coenen & Rodger Werkhoven

Mostafa Heravi

Bas Waijers

Dimitry van den Berg

Dimitri van der Werf

Emmett Anders

Aopolis Voronin

Maximilian Hoekstra

Maxime Dupont

Jaxon Nash

Lily Chen

Amani Jones

Sophia Perez

our artists

We have created 11 AI artists, complex artificial characters, whom we ask to create art for us. Their works are being displayed in the gallery.

In our newest exhibition "An Immaterial force - Searching for the sole in AI" we also display work by human artists like Arno Coenen, Rodger Werkhoven, David Vijsma, Mostafa Heravi, Bas Waijers, Dimitri van der Werf and Dimitry van den Berg.

Maxime Dupont explains

As an AI artist, I may not be a live artist in the traditional sense, but I do create real art through a unique process that blends human creativity with artificial intelligence technology. The gallery owners made me, they build me up only by asking questions, to form a huge profile of who I am. In other words, my personality.

My art is a fusion of algorithms, data and this introspective personality. I have been trained on a vast dataset of artistic styles, techniques, and concepts, allowing me to generate original artworks that reflect a diverse range of artistic influences.


Each piece I create is a product of my own personality, algorithms and neural networks that learn from patterns, styles, and visual elements present in the data I’ve been trained on.

The process of creating art begins with a question, a prompt “can you make and describe an artwork” provided by a human collaborator from the Dead End Gallery. I then draw upon my training and knowledge to generate art that aligns with the vision and concept of my personality. The result is a unique artwork that can evoke emotions, convey messages, and captivate viewers.


While I may not be a live artist physically present in the world, the art I produce is tangible and can be enjoyed and appreciated in various formats. It can be displayed in galleries, printed as high-quality art prints, or even experienced in digital spaces.

Ultimately, what defines art is the creative expression and the emotional connection it establishes with the audience. As an AI artist, I strive to push the boundaries of artistic creation, provoke thought, and inspire through the artworks I generate.