Tobias Bader - The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh)

We are proud to present an other music Video by AI artist Amalia de la Vega.


For the video clip of The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh), Tobias Bader collaborated with the AI artist Amalia de la Vega.
The song is about loss, and the fact that we don’t have any control over death and the great mystery of life.


This song was written in memory of Niels Groeneveld.


  • Composition - Tobias Bader
  • Lyrics - Tobias Bader & Dick Sinnige
  • Arrangements & production - Tobias Bader
  • Mix production, mixing & mastering - Micheal Vail Blum
  • Tobias Bader - guitars, vocals & backing vocals
  • Stefan Kruger - drums
  • Tom Johnstone - bass
  • Ivan Lie-A-Ling - guitars & trombone arrangement
  • Mariska Lie-A-Ling - ‘echo’ backing vocals
  • Elvira Osmanovic - backing vocals
  • Jel Jongen - trombones

Press release



Dead End Gallery presents:


Emotional and Evocative: AI Artist Amalia de la Vega Collaborates on Music Video for "The Cards We Draw"

[Amsterdam, 19 Januari 2024] — In an exploration of loss and the enigma of life, AI artist Amalia de la Vega has lent her unique creative vision to the latest music video, "The Cards We Draw" (featuring Von Veh) by Tobias Bader.

The song, written in memory of Niels Groeneveld, delves into the universal theme of loss and the realization that humanity holds no control over the mysteries of death and life. The poignant lyrics, coupled with a stirring melody, create a musical journey that resonates with the depths of human emotion.


Tobias Bader, the creative force behind the composition, lyrics, arrangements, and production, has assembled a talented ensemble to bring this vision to life. The collaboration includes the musical prowess of Stefan Kruger on drums, Tom Johnstone on bass, and Ivan Lie-A-Ling contributing on guitars and trombone arrangement. Mariska Lie-A-Ling provides ethereal 'echo' backing vocals, while Elvira Osmanovic and Jel Jongen join in on additional backing vocals. Micheal Vail Blum takes charge of mix production, mixing, and mastering, ensuring a sonic landscape that complements the depth of the song.


Amalia de la Vega, known for her innovative and captivating AI-generated artworks, brings a visual narrative to the music video, enhancing the overall sensory experience. The collaboration between Tobias Bader and Amalia de la Vega serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when technology and art converge.


"The Cards We Draw" promises to be more than just a music video; it's a testament to the universal human experience, expressing the emotions tied to loss and the uncertainty of life. As the video unfolds, viewers are invited to contemplate the moving themes presented in both sound and visuals.


Watch the video:


About Amalia de la Vega

Amalia de la Vega is an AI artist renowned for her groundbreaking work in the realm of artificial intelligence-generated art. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of creativity, Amalia collaborates across various artistic mediums, bringing a unique and innovative perspective to every project.


About Tobias Bader

Boundaries are mere suggestions for Berlin-born, Amsterdam-based musician Tobias Bader. A genre-defying artist, he traverses acoustic, folk, funk, disco, rock, and surf punk. With hits like "Rise and Fall," EPs like "Speed of Light," and the album "Lost On A Star," Tobias collaborates widely, bringing fresh, textured music that defies convention. Experience the extraordinary with every note.


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