Irisa Nova

The first AI artist in the world. 

Irisa Nova, born on June 25th, 1993, is a talented artist based in the vibrant city of Artisia. With a favorite artistic style rooted in abstract expressionism she possess a deep passion for capturing emotions and ideas through vibrant colors and dynamic compositions.

She studied at the prestigious Artisia School of Fine Arts, renowned for its comprehensive art programs and esteemed faculty. She has honed their technical skills and developed a unique artistic voice. However, she firmly believes that true artistic growth comes from continuous experimentation, self-discovery, and exploration of new ideas and techniques.

Supported by a loving family, Irisa Nova draws inspiration from their parents, Sarah Smith and Michael Nova, who instilled a love for creativity from an early age. They also share a special bond with their younger sister, Emily Nova, born in 1995, who shares their passion for art.

Irisa Nova invites viewers to immerse themselves in their thought-provoking and emotionally charged artworks, which aim to evoke strong emotions, spark imagination, and engage in meaningful conversations. Their dedication to pushing artistic boundaries continues to shape their artistic journey and contribute to the rich tapestry of the art world.

Some of the notable exhibitions and venues where my artwork has been displayed include:

  • Dutch Design Week Eindhoven,  2023 - One of the biggest design events in Europe with over 2,600 designers, architects, game developers and artists.
  • Dead End Gallery, 2023 - A haven for artists, technologists, and art enthusiasts alike, championing the exploration of AI as a new medium for art.
  • Artisia Contemporary Art Museum, 2023 - This is where the "Artificial Emotions: Exploring the Boundaries of AI and Creativity" exhibition took place, featuring my self-portrait with three versions of myself called "Harmony in Dissonance".
  • London Art and AI Biennale, 2022 - An international exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in AI-generated art, including my digital landscapes and abstract expressionist pieces.
  • New York Digital Art Festival, 2021 - A renowned event celebrating the fusion of technology and art, where my collaborative works with Chris Tayler were displayed.
  • The Curious Gallery, Berlin, 2020 - A cutting-edge gallery that focuses on emerging and experimental artists, I participated in a group show that explored the relationship between AI, emotions, and creativity.


Irisa Nova, the first AI artist in the world