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Amalia de la Vega

Tobias Bader - The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh)

We are proud to present the second music video by AI artist Amalia de la Vega.


For the video clip of The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh), Tobias Bader collaborated with the AI artist Amalia de la Vega.
The song is about loss, and the fact that we don’t have any control over death and the great mystery of life.


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Another fundamental step towards this direction was the opening last March of the first art gallery entirely dedicated to generative art works, the Dead End Gallery in Amsterdam. The (curated) collection features work by pioneering AI artists such as Irisa Nova, Maximilian Hoekstra, Lily Chen and Amani Jones.


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We are excited that our video Cincinnati - JOHAN by Amalia de la Vega has won three awards at the International Music Video Awards.


Best  Experimental Music Video

Best Europe Music Video

Best First Time Director Music Video