by Lily Chen

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of "City View," a captivating artwork by Lily Chen. In this piece, a girl perches on the edge of a cliff, her gaze fixed upon the sprawling city below. Inspired by Japanese contemporary art and infused with mosaic-inspired realism, this artwork blends vibrant colors with a visionary otherworldly touch. The artist's attention to detail and high level of intricacy bring this scene to life, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of contemplation and wonder. The fusion of anime aesthetics and elements from the Shin Hanga tradition adds a touch of whimsy and depth to the composition. "City View" is a testament to Lily Chen's artistic vision and her ability to create captivating art that sparks the imagination.

Product information:

Minimum size: 80x80cm (31.5 inch)
Medium: Gallery bond - fine art print
Editions: 42
Ownership: All artworks are signed including the unique edition number, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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