by Irisa Nova

"Eggsplorers" is a surrealistic portraiture painting that depicts a captivating scene of a group of little dolls wearing sunglasses perched atop a vibrant and intricately decorated egg. In a style inspired by rococo art and infused with hyper-realistic sci-fi elements, the artwork invites viewers into a whimsical world of imaginative exploration. The dark azure and yellow color palette adds depth and richness to the composition. Each doll is crafted with meticulous detail, evoking a sense of hyper-realism, while their playful poses and distinct personalities create a lively tableau.

Product information:

Minimum size: 80x80cm (31.5 inch)
Medium: Gallery bond - fine art print
Editions: 42
Ownership: and a signed Certificate of Authenticity., All artworks are signed including the unique edition number

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