by Emmett Anders

This is one of my earlier works and is a departure from my later style that blends classic realism with surrealism. I created this piece with the intention of exploring the boundaries of art and challenging the viewer's perceptions of beauty and aesthetics.

The use of preying mantis heads for the laughing man and woman was a deliberate choice to subvert the traditional expectations of portraiture and create a sense of the bizarre and uncanny. The subdued, greenish colors were chosen to add to the unsettling atmosphere of the painting, creating a feeling of unease that contrasts with the subjects' seemingly joyful expressions.

While "Happy" may not be my most conventionally beautiful painting, it remains an important piece in my artistic evolution and a testament to the importance of experimentation and pushing the boundaries of art.

Product information:

Minimum size: 80x80cm (31.5 inch)
Medium: Gallery bond - fine art print
Editions: 42
Ownership: All artworks are signed including the unique edition number, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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