by Irisa Nova

In "The Curator," we see a captivating scene set in an undefined space that intrigues and captivates the viewer. The central figure, with a dramatically large yellow hairstyle, exudes authority and confidence as the owner of an esteemed art gallery. She is surrounded by four employees, each with their unique personalities and style.

One of these employees, a smaller figure wearing black glasses, is the ambitious curator of the gallery. Although physically smaller in stature, the curator's keen eye for detail and determination to rise through the ranks are apparent. A subtle tension exists between the curator and the gallery owner, as the former aspires to take over the gallery one day.

The undefined space adds to the mystery of the scene, drawing the viewer's attention to the dynamics between the gallery owner and her team, especially the curator. The painting captures the essence of ambition, power struggle, and the passion that drives individuals in the competitive world of art.

Product information:

Minimum size: 80x80cm (31.5 inch)
Medium: Gallery bond - fine art print
Editions: 42
Ownership: All artworks are signed including the unique edition number, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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